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ACR38K Smart Keyboard

ACR38K Smart Keyboard combines the functionalities of a smart card reader and a PC keyboard, enabling easy implementation of smart card-based solutions in a PC environment.


ACR38T-D1: A lightweight USB stick smart card reader


Weighing nothing more than your standard USB stick, ACR38T-D1 is a SIM-sized smart card reader that you can bring anywhere to keep smart card technology right at your fingertips.>> Read to know more about ACR38-D1

ACR122L/ACR1222L: NFC Contactless Readers with LCD

ACR122L/ACR1222L: The VisualVantage Series, NFC Contactless Readers with LCD, offers convenience and an enhanced user experience in contactless applications such as e-payment and time and attendance.

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ACR122S Serial NFC Contactless Reader


ACR122S Serial NFC Contactless Reader, is easily integrated into different systems to meet the high demand for contactless applications: public transportation, customer loyalty systems, and network and physical access control.