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ACR38F Smart Floppy


ACR38F is the ideal solution for easy integration of smart card readers into the desktop environment, as it uses the same electronic circuit as  ACR38 smart card readers. << Read to learn more. >>


ACR33U-A1 SmartDuo Smart Card Reader


ACR33U-A1:  With its modern design and security features, the ACR33U-A1 SmartDuo has the ability to access two smart cards simultaneously, allowing the user to experience efficiency at its best. Read more >>

ACOS3X eXpress Microprocessor Card


Like the ACOS3, ACOS3X enables a single card to support various applications (e.g. loyalty program, parking registration, network access control, public transportation, telecommunication) enables it to serve as an electronic purse. ACOS3X contains a powerful microprocessor and is fully compatible with other members of the ACOS3 product line.

ACOS3 Smart Card


Featuring a high degree of security, ACOS3 is particularly suitable for secure loyalty programs, network access control and epurse applications. It may be utilized for common payment solutions.

ACOS3 unlocks the potential of the smart card by enabling a single card to support various applications such as loyalty programs, parking registration, network access control, public transportation,a phone card and electronic purse.

AET62: An NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor

AET62With combined (Near Field Communication) NFC Reader and UPEK’s swipe fingerprint sensor, AET62 provides a secure and convenient platform that simplifies and makes the integration of secure biometric authentication more cost-effective. <<Click to learn more>>

ACR89 Handheld Smart Card Reader

A versatile handheld smart card reader, ACR89 is the latest addition to ACS’s strong line of Smart Card Readers with PIN-Pad.  It enables users to perform secure smart card transactions in both office and field environments. >>> Read to learn more.