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ACS Talks about NFC and Digital Mobile Wallet in Cards & Payments Asia 2014

In the recently concluded Cards & Payments Asia 2014, we talked about new revenue streams care of NFC, and the challenges of bringing smart card technology to countries with relatively underdeveloped infrastructure. See more at:


ACS Launches Product Line Websites

Aside from making our smart card readers viewable through our website, we have come out with six websites, each featuring one of our smart card reader lines.

This is intended to help users make side-by-side comparisons of ACS readers more easily. Each product line website combines into one page all overviews of the ACS smart card readers that fall under it. Links to websites for individual products and other related content are also included in the product line websites.

We hope that this makes it easier for those interested in smart card technology to find the solution that best matches their needs. Below are links to the product line websites:

pclinkedreaderzonePC-Linked Readers — these CCID– and PC/SC–compliant readers come in all sizes and form factors, to match user needs and preferences.

simcardreaderzone PC-Linked Readers With Mass Storage —These sim-sized card readers come with flash drive feature, to extend capabilities of applications.

contactlessreaderzoneContactless Readers — these readers use NFC technology to facilitate different applications, such as logical access control and contactless payment.

pinpadreaderzoneSmart card readers with pinpad —these readers employ two-factor authentication (smart card + PIN) to secure contact and contactless applications. These handy readers may be attached with peripherals such as portable printers, for greater functionality.

fingerprintreaderzoneSmart card/fingerprint readers — these readers employ two-factor authentication (smart card + fingerprint) for contact and contactless applications. These readers use silicon sensors for better performance, easier implementation, and more savings.

otpreaderzoneDynamic password generators —these readers use one-time password (OTP) technology to address password theft, and limits exposure of sensitive information within itself, instead of exposing it to PC terminals and other devices vulnerable to online attacks.

AET62: An NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor

AET62With combined (Near Field Communication) NFC Reader and UPEK’s swipe fingerprint sensor, AET62 provides a secure and convenient platform that simplifies and makes the integration of secure biometric authentication more cost-effective. <<Click to learn more>>

ACR122L/ACR1222L: NFC Contactless Readers with LCD

ACR122L/ACR1222L: The VisualVantage Series, NFC Contactless Readers with LCD, offers convenience and an enhanced user experience in contactless applications such as e-payment and time and attendance.

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ACR122S Serial NFC Contactless Reader


ACR122S Serial NFC Contactless Reader, is easily integrated into different systems to meet the high demand for contactless applications: public transportation, customer loyalty systems, and network and physical access control.